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Payment methods

The following payment methods are accepted by Maledetti Toscani Food™: PayPal or Credit card. You will always be redirected to PayPal but you can pay with any credit card. No PayPal account is needed. Employees of customer service at Maledetti Toscani Food™ are not authorized to request or to accept credit card numbers or any other information about your credit card.

World Wide Shipping

Shipping costs are automatically calculated and displayed at the time of purchase. There could be variations based on the weight or size. As required by trade laws, all shippings will have a valid invoice that shows the price of every single item in Euros.



• RETURNS: You can return the goods purchased online within 1 month (more than is required by law), wi love our customers. 

• MONEY BACK: We will refund the money of your purchase inmediately after we receive the goods at our headquarters and we have checked it out. Customers should only pay shipping costs of return. 

Send back the goods to:

Via Lauretana n.957
52044 Camucia (AR)

Please put always a note with all your data, shipping address, phone number, mobile and email. as well as to specify if it is a change or a return. 

• GOODS CHANGE: It is possible to change the goods at any time whithin 1 month of the purchase, but only if the goods are in perfect state. The customer will pay only the shipping costs and the return shipping costs. Once we will receive the goods, we will ship inmediately the new items. Items change includes a change in size or colour. You can also request a completely different item, and pay the difference if it is applicable.

ATTENTION: for RETURNS or CHANGES of any item OUTSIDE THE EUROPEAN UNION we will remind you that you should return the goods with a price of ZERO of 10.00€ maximum writing: "GOODS IN RETURN, NOT FOR SALE". If you do not do this, Maledetti Toscani Food™ do not pay the customs costs and it will not withdraw the goods that will be rejected until they arrive without customs or customs costs below 10.00 € which will then be charged to the customer.

Legal Terms

Maledetti Toscani Food™ and all its contents are property of Maledetti Toscani Food™. This includes documentation, images, fonts, design, music, software, code and format scripts. The material contained on the website is copyrighted. Any reproduction, alteration, transmission, publication or redistribution to third parties for commercial purposes is strictly forbidden unless express written consent is provided and provided by Maledetti Toscani Food ™. Cursed Toscani Food ™ prohibits the use of any content or marks on the Site for any purpose other than the one mentioned above.

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